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The Breakout Business Accelerator

The only business accelerator for heart-centered entrepreneurs,
experts, and coaches ready to breakout of the crowd
and add their next 6-7 figure revenue stream.

You’re here to help, heal, and inspire others in a BIG and EXTRAORDINARY way.

With your unique skillset, you should be known and sought-after, with an income that matches your ambition.

But, there’s a problem.

You’re not making the kind of money you want and deserve.

You’re constantly stressed-out on the search for your next client.

The same old strategies and formulas aren’t working.

What you’re doing now isn’t setting you apart from the crowd as much as you’d like or making you the kind of money you want and DESERVE. It’s frustrating. And just plain wrong. 

We’re about to quickly turn all that around.

This one-of-a-kind 6-month coaching program has everything you need to create a super successful business doing what you love with income that exceeds your effort… FAST. Not just a side hustle - but a powerful movement that makes a meaningful difference for others.

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Here’s the cold hard truth…

Businesses fail not because you aren’t great at what you do. They fail because of marketing strategy that doesn’t work.

You can be the most amazing person and have the coolest website. But, at the end of the day, if you don’t have a leveraged strategy that generates consistent revenue and sets you apart, your business will not survive, let alone thrive.

The great news is… you CAN learn to scale your business.

Over 6 short months, you'll:

~ Take a quantum leap in your business and income.

~ Differentiate yourself in a crowded market - so that you’re the answer for your ideal clients.

~ Learn how to create both recurring and passive revenue streams — programs, products and courses your audience can’t wait to buy.

~ Unleash the power of your PERSONAL STORY to connect with your audience like no other can.

~ Implement a sales process that makes you feel GOOD about selling.

~ Learn how to generate leads and new clients - without feeling salesy or slimy.

~ Launch your next big item - whether it's an online course, online product, ebook or program.

~ Learn to create urgency in your offers so that your ideal clients purchase.

The Results-Oriented Expertise and Support You Get

Massive Support 

So many courses fail because they don't give you any personal support. Not this! I want to do everything I can to help you succeed. So, you'll have access to me via email and, if you choose, you can upgrade to get one-on-one sessions. 

Group Coaching

Get coached by me through our weekly group Q&A sessions. Need a quick brainstorm on what to name your course? Want to walk through a lead generation issue? Bring your questions and get a breakthrough! When time permits, we will also cover topics that are coming up for the entire group. (Special note: We take holiday weeks off from coaching so everyone can get some time to regroup!)

Live Training and Implementation

Monthly LIVE training sessions full of expert insights and strategies I've used to build six and seven figure revenue streams. We will cover everything from defining your niche and creating your brand script to creating your flagship offer, launches and sales pages. 

Accountability to Keep You on Track

Have you ever signed up for a course then just sort of fallen off track? It's so easy to do this, right?  Accountability is crucial to getting results in business. In the Breakout Business Accelerator, I don't just share expertise. I also become your business mentor who cheers you on, holds the vision for you when you doubt the process, and gives you nudges when you need them. My team and I also check in with you monthly to help propel you along. 

Templates that Convert

As part of the Breakout Business Accelerator, I share the very templates I've used to bring in millions of dollars for clients - from sales pages and websites to Facebook ads and launch emails. 

Close-Knit High Energy Community

You’ll also get to join my exclusive private Facebook group for course participants, where you can get extra support from like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s often said we are the product of the people we spend the most time with. This is an amazing group that will motivate you no matter what!

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What so Different About the Breakout Business Accelerator?

There are plenty of courses out there, but none offer the personalized support, accountability, and proven strategies you get inside this. 

We will guide you step-by-step through the process of growing and scaling your business, no matter where you are right now. 

We will build and master the skills necessary to create a long-term profitable business that withstands the test of time and thrives no matter the economy.  

And then there is the massive expertise.

Let's face it. Business "coaches" and marketing strategists are popping up everywhere. But when you dig beneath the surface, it's all-too-common to discover they are totally new to the field and may have never actually built a business.

Here's what to know about my experience:

  • I've had my own successful business since 2012. So, I know what it's like to weather the ups and downs AND get things off the ground to multiple 6 figures.
  • I have over 21 years of experience in media and marketing - 14 of which is in the personal development, health and spiritual industries.
  • I spent 5 years at Hay House creating and marketing over 390 online workshops with over 100 leading experts, which brought in millions in revenue. 
  • I’ve helped hundreds of experts, thought-leaders and coaches like you rise above the competition and add 6-7 figure revenue streams to their businesses.
  • My clients have included Hay House, Random House, leading spiritual expert James Van Praagh, fitness guru Jorge Cruise, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Dean Ornish, and many more.
  • In the last four years alone, my strategies and course creations have directly generated over $7 Million in revenue. 


For the past several years, I have worked closely with Emily and cannot speak her praises enough!

She has incredibly re-designed my brand with her genius, exceptional marketing skills and soulful insights. If you are involved in any healing or coaching modality and desire to take your individual voice out into the world, you can trust the visions and proficiency of this marketing genius and watch your business soar to the next level.

~ ~James Van Praagh, New York Times Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher

Emily has been my personal creative genie, champion and profit machine — all wrapped into one. In a world full of formulas, she is the secret weapon who gets results!

I’ve worked with large marketing agencies and can say hands-down, Emily is in a space of her own. Her dedication and the results she gets are par none... Her ideas, strategies and content have catapulted my business to a whole new level. Best of all, I get to earn more while doing less!

~ Dr. Diana Kirschner, PBS Relationship Expert and author of the international bestseller, Love in 90 Days.

I’ve been blown away by Emily and her dedication to excellence…from my perspective, she is the reason my online courses and programs have been so successful!

~ Denise Linn, Bestselling Author and Soul Coach

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The Breakout Business Curriculum

Differentiating Yourself in a Crowded Market

In month 1, you'll learn how to identify your most profitable niche and differentiate yourself so that you stand out. You'll develop your brand script and learn how to communicate with your customers so that they feel compelled to work with you for the long-term. 

Implement an Irresistible Offer Strategy that Maximizes Profits

This month, we focus on how to leverage the right offer strategy - one that attracts your ideal client and focuses on the lifetime value of a customer. You'll develop your lead magnet to grow your following. And you'll get clear on your flagship product, program, course or service -- the one that you're known for and sets you apart from the rest. 

The Crucial Keys to Creating Sales Pages that Convert

So many sales pages look beautiful, but they don't convert at all! Don't get caught in this trap! I've created sales pages that have brought in millions in revenue. We dive deep into what specific sections you must include for a sales page to convert into sales. I share my templates and you'll learn how to set one up yourself. 

Implement a Winning Social Media Strategy that Generates Ideal Clients

Now we delve into all things social media! Learn how to generate leads through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Plus, I teach you exactly how to set up a Facebook and Instagram ad - from how to target the right audience to copy that converts to the kinds of images to use. Facebook ads I create tend to bring in 7-20 times the investment, so this is a key area to grow your business. 

LAUNCH - How to Stand Out so Your Ideal Client Doesn't Hesitate to Buy

So many launches fall flat. You can have the most amazing service and product, but if you don't know how to launch, you aren't going to get the clients you want. Here I teach you all the different launch strategies and share my formula for a super successful launch. 

Strategies Beyond Social that Drive Massive Leads to Your Website

So many people think social is the be all end all when it comes to lead generation. Not so! This month we delve into other strategies to drive leads and build an email list. We also look more at email marketing and how to convert subscribers into buyers. 


Here is our schedule for the next two months. Please note: If you can't make a live call, do not worry! We record everything and you can watch on demand. Likewise, you can send in questions ahead of time.

November 20 - Group Session - 1pm PT/4pm ET
November 30 - Training on Differentiating Yourself - 4pm PT/7pm ET
December 4 - Group Coaching Session-  3pm PT/6pm ET
December 9 - Group Coaching - 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET
December 10 - Live Training on Irresistible Offer Strategies - 4pm PT/7pm ET
December 17 - Group Coaching - 4pm PT/7pm ET

Please note: When there is a major holiday, we will take off that week so everyone can rejuvenate.

So it's decision time! 
You can choose to keep things the same... 
~ Feeling stuck in your business. 
~ Wondering why other people seem to get results while you're struggling.
~ Overwhelmed with all the confusing advice out there.
~ Not getting the incomes you want and deserve. 
You can breakout of the crowd and accelerate to the next level.

What would you pay for proven expertise that will help you level up your revenue and become the go-to expert in your niche? It's hard to put a number on this kind of game-changer. But, I've done my best. 

Here’s a recap of everything you get

6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching.... $2400 value

6 Months of Training... $1200 value

Monthly Private one-on-one (with the Pro Level)... $3600 value

Access to the Content Vault with tons of additional trainings and recorded sessions...$1600

The expertise to accelerate to the next level... priceless 

The total value: $8800 

But you won't pay that. 


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Hey, I'm

Emily Manning

I've been where you are. If you feel like your business isn't growing as quickly as you'd like, I'm here to tell you that you can change that and I can help. 

I'm a business strategist, marketing guru, quirky creative and motivational coach all rolled up into one. As a child I was a high-achieving INFJ introvert who devoured success books and wanted to help people create lives that lit them up. I was an EMT, newspaper editor-in-chief, and class treasurer all in one year. (Can someone say overachiever? ;)

I followed a "traditional" career path for a long time- from field producing for CNN to media relations for the United Nations. And while those jobs were amazing, something was missing. So, I took a leap of faith and moved cross country to work for Hay House, the world's leading personal development and spiritual publisher. 

While at Hay House, I developed over 390 online courses with over 100 leading authors. I oversaw the creation and marketing of programs that helped hundreds of thousands of people and brought in millions of dollars in revenue.

Soon, authors were asking me to create courses and do marketing for them on the side. So ten years ago, I started my own company that focuses exclusively on helping mission-driven experts like you scale online.

My current and past clients have included some of the most renowned world experts and publishers as well as rising stars. My strategies and the courses and programs I've created have brought in tens of millions of dollars. But, what's more important is I've helped these experts have major impact doing what they love.  

Now it's your turn. 

The world needs what YOU have to offer.

Got a question? We've got answers! 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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You’re Protected with my Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m confident the Breakout Business Accelerator will help you take your business to a new level, providing you implement what I teach you. So I am offering a 30-day guarantee.  

How the guarantee works: Enroll now and join me for a month. If you take implement what I teach and still find the accelerator isn’t helping you, you may cancel. If you paid in full you will be refunded for all but month 1.